Sljeme: Four Seasons


There is a saying in the Croatian language “Veljača premetača”, describing that the weather in February is crazy. That’s even more prominent in the mountains. Starting from approximately 150 m above sea level, climbing to just about over 1000 m, and going back to 150 m, we changed all four seasons; from sunny Zagreb to snowy and muddy Sljeme Mountain. Not only that, a big part of Sljeme is still covered with leaves, looking like the middle of autumn.

It was also the first proper ride of the year, meaning that we finally did at least 50 km with a mountain bike. We wanted to take a different route but had a change of heart at the top. And boy, are we glad we did. Even dough it was Saturday, there were only a few hikers in our way, and the track is pretty diverse and fun to drive.

The only thing I kind of regret is not going faster. My friend (leading the way) was kind of careful, having just recently fallen from the bike, and I didn’t feel like pushing it. I felt I was going to about 30% of the capabilities of the bike, but It’d be a shame to end the season on the first ride. Besides, the will be more opportunities all season long.


Driver (in front): Damir R.
Camera & Driver: Hrvoje Mihajlic
Bike: Kona Process 134 DL 2016

Go Pro Alternative – How Can You “Go Pro” for Under 20 Bucks *


We have all seen some incredible footage taken with GoPro cams. I’ve had an opportunity to record some rides with it, and almost bought it, until I saw this  – a detachable 180 degree wide angle fish eye lens. My first thought was “this is another crappy Chinese plastic”, but I’ve decided to give it a try anyway. A few weeks later (it took dx a long time to ship it, usually doesn’t take that long) I finally got a chance to test it. Since it was a rainy day, I couldn’t test it on a bike, but already from a footage taken in my room, I saw that this was definitely worth $17. A few hours later, I gave it a spin in the neighborhood, and it only proved my point – this lens is epic!

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