Sljeme: Four Seasons


There is a saying in the Croatian language “Veljača premetača”, describing that the weather in February is crazy. That’s even more prominent in the mountains. Starting from approximately 150 m above sea level, climbing to just about over 1000 m, and going back to 150 m, we changed all four seasons; from sunny Zagreb to snowy and muddy Sljeme Mountain. Not only that, a big part of Sljeme is still covered with leaves, looking like the middle of autumn.

It was also the first proper ride of the year, meaning that we finally did at least 50 km with a mountain bike. We wanted to take a different route but had a change of heart at the top. And boy, are we glad we did. Even dough it was Saturday, there were only a few hikers in our way, and the track is pretty diverse and fun to drive.

The only thing I kind of regret is not going faster. My friend (leading the way) was kind of careful, having just recently fallen from the bike, and I didn’t feel like pushing it. I felt I was going to about 30% of the capabilities of the bike, but It’d be a shame to end the season on the first ride. Besides, the will be more opportunities all season long.


Driver (in front): Damir R.
Camera & Driver: Hrvoje Mihajlic
Bike: Kona Process 134 DL 2016

Slow TV: Cycling in Kranjska gora (Vršič – Bovec)


To prove a point 2016 wasn’t so bad at all, here’s a video of an epic bike ride in Kranjska gora (Slovenia) from the Five and Shoutem team building last autumn. Honestly, this one is probably one of ma favorite bike rides ever, and definitely the best cycling session, since I never ever do cycling… At least, I didn’t till now, but after this, I’m really giving it a thought to sell my city bike and exchange it with a real road bike.

To be perfectly honest, this bike (rental) wasn’t really set up properly (hence the paranoid checking few minutes into the video, when the weird noise started appearing), and it wasn’t my size, but I had a ton of fun with it.

If you’re wondering, the data was plotted on the video in the application called DashWare (previously a paid app, and now free, after it was acquired by GoPro). It was all shot with GoPro Session. Data was recorded with iPhone 6S.

Anyway, look at this video like one of those slow TV things from Norway, watching it makes at least as much sense.


Drivers (in front): Vedran Ivanac, Viktor Marohnić
Camera & Driver: Hrvoje Mihajlic
Bike: Fondriest TF4