It was exactly 3 months since my last mountain bike ride, which was about three weeks since I got over COVID. Other than troubles with my sense of smell (which I still have), I am forever grateful that it didn’t leave any marks on my lungs. To be honest, sometimes I think my lung work better after COVID.

On the other hand, after I started riding on road a few weeks ago, I was pretty scared when I realised my heart wasn’t working as it used to before COVID. Hopefully, it turned out I was just out of shape (like never before). Taking a break is fine, but doing literally nothing for 3 months, isn’t good either.

I usually ride MTB with my two buddies: Marko & Dino. Dino is the guy in the video below. Last year… Well, let’s just say 2020 wasn’t very kind to him since riding is concerned. First he broke his collarbone in May, and then, when he started riding again a few months after that, he had one nasty fall, and called it a year. I was really happy when he rang me up, wanting to ride again.

We tried one of the new trails on Sljeme – the new part of the relatively new Pinta trail. As always, it looks flat in the video, but actually, it’s pretty steep, but also flowy and fun.

If you’re reading this in Croatia, check out the Strava log and try it out yourself!

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